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Custodian of Records
 Custodian of Records

The Custodian of Records group coordinates the retrieval and production of documents in response to subpoenas and California Public Records Act (CPRA) requests received by the Los Angeles Housing & Community Investment Department (HCIDLA), formerly known as the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD).

Please review the Frequently Requested Records section below to see if the records you are seeking are already available online. If not you may request records from us using the California Public Records Act. The Custodian of Records group also accepts the service of subpoenas on behalf of HCIDLA for witness appearances and/or documents.

Frequently Requested Records:

Certain frequently requested records maintained by HCIDLA are available online and do not require a CPRA request. To access these online records, please click on the links below:

  • Affordable Housing Roster [a searchable database]
    The Affordable Housing Roster contains a searchable list of private properties built or rehabilitated with public subsidies from HCIDLA and through land-use concessions. The list is searchable by neighborhood, ZIP Code, or Council district. Additional resources to find affordable housing are noted on HCIDLA's Find Affordable Housing webpage. The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) also maintains a listing of affordable properties for Section 8 participants as well as non-participants. (Please note: HACLA is a separate government agency and is not a part of HCIDLA.)
  • Property Activity Report [a searchable database]
    The Property Activity Report is a brief summary of Code Enforcement inspections that have occurred regarding a specific property since 2006 (though some records may be available from earlier years as well). Searches can be conducted by property address, Assessor Parcel Number (APN), or case number. If more information is required than what is offered by the summary, please submit a CPRA Request as noted below, citing the relevant case number(s) as appropriate. 
  • Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP) List as of February 27, 2014 [a PDF file updated monthly]
    The REAP List is a listing of properties that are currently part of the Rent Escrow Account Program. Sorted by the Assessor Parcel Number (APN), this list also includes the property address and REAP Case ID number. This document is available as a PDF file only and cannot be provided as an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet.

For all other HCIDLA records, please submit a CPRA request as noted below.


California Public Records Act (CPRA) Requests:

The public may make CPRA requests by downloading and completing the CPRA Records Request Form (see Downloads section at left) and submitting the form via email, US Mail, fax, or in person at the HCIDLA Main Office public counter. Submission instructions and a fee schedule are provided on the form. (If your records request involves a specific Code Enforcement inspection, please use the Property Activity Report feature to obtain the case number(s) specific to the inspection(s). Please indicate any relevant case numbers in your records request.)

Pursuant to the the California Public Records Act, a CPRA request will be responded to within ten days of receipt by the Custodian of Records. This response will comprise either an invoice for the production cost of the records requested or an explanation from the Custodian of Records as to why the records are not currently available.



Subpoenas for documents may be served upon the Custodian of Records via US Mail or in person at the HCIDLA Main Office. Document subpoenas should be accompanied by a check for $15 payable to the "City of Los Angeles". This $15 deposit will be applied toward the material cost of complying with the subpoena incurred by HCIDLA. Additional charges may be assessed if a large volume of documents is produced.

Subpoenas for witness appearances may only be served directly upon the witness or upon the Custodian of Records. Witness subpoenas should be accompanied by a $150 check payable to the "City of Los Angeles". This $150 is considered a prepayment for the appearance. Government Code 68096.1 permits HCIDLA to charge "The party at whose request the subpoena is issued...the full cost incurred by the local agency [HCIDLA] in paying the employee his or her salary or other compensation and traveling expenses." Accordingly, if the $150 prepayment does not cover the full cost of the witness appearance, the Custodian of Records will invoice the subpoenaing party for the balance of the amount owed.


Records NOT Available from HCIDLA

Please note: The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) and Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) are separate agencies from HCIDLA and as such have different Custodians of Records. For HACLA contact information, please refer to the HACLA website. The LADBS Custodian of Records can be reached at (213) 482-6770 or you may refer to the LADBS website for further contact information.

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