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Foreclosure Registry Program - 2014 Annual Registration

The Foreclosure Registry Program requires that any lender (or beneficiary or trustee who holds or has an interest in a deed of trust) of a property in foreclosure located within the City of Los Angeles must register the property with the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department (HCIDLA). Annual (online only) registration along with a fee in the amount of $155 is due to HCIDLA by January 31, 2014. The fee and registration shall be valid for the calendar year, or remaining portion of the calendar year, in which the registration was initially required.

All previously registered properties that remain in the foreclosure process or real estate owned (REO) MUST be re-registered with the HCIDLA in calendar year 2014. Failure to register will result in penalties. If property is no longer subject to the Ordinance, you must de-register online. There are only two valid reasons for de-registration:

  1. Reinstatement of Loan/Loan Modification
  2. Sold to a third party (Non REO)


Please Note: The Ordinance was amended (Ordinance No. 183281) effective December 20, 2014 to include a $356 proactive inspection fee and a requirement to inspect and report back monthly on the condition of the property. When a vacant multi-family or single-family residential property’s status changes to foreclosed, the beneficiary or trustee who acquired the property shall pay a proactive inspection fee in the amount of $356. HCIDLA shall inspect all foreclosed occupied multi-family residential properties that are registered pursuant to the standards and procedures provided for in Article 1 of Chapter XVI of the Los Angeles Municipal Code.

If HCIDLA determines that a lender has failed to register the property, failed to make payment of any fees, including registration and proactive inspection fees, failed to comply with the monthly inspection and reporting requirements, HCIDLA will provide written notification to the lender of their failure to comply with this ordinance. If the lender fails to comply within thirty (30) days of HCIDLA’s written notification, the lender shall pay a penalty in the amount of $250 per day for each day subsequent to the date of HCIDLA written notification.
To access online registration, click link to New Online Foreclosure Registration below:
  • Foreclosure Registry Information Bulletin(.pdf)
  • New Foreclosure Registry Program Amended Ordinance -CF 12-0647_ord_183281(pdf)
  • Foreclosure Registry Program Ordinance - CF 09-0365_ord_181185 (.pdf)
  • Foreclosure Registry Program Ordinance Amendment (Elimination of MERS) - CF 12-0647_ ord_181185 (.pdf)   

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